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What Is a Toilet Flange?

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    Broken, loose, or improperly set up bathroom flanges can reason a loo to leak from the bottom, risking flooding, water damage, or even the launch of undesirable sewage and gases into your bathroom. Checking your toilet's flange ought to be a staple in your domestic preservation checklists. Otherwise, you chance minor troubles or probably most important structural harm down the line.

    What Is the Toilet Flange?

    The closet flange is the mechanical connection between the bathroom drain and your home's drainage system. If this connection is damaged or improperly geared up it can motivate pretty much a headache. It also features a stabilizing ground mount for your toilet. The flange is commonly made from a PVC, copper, steel, or brass pipe, and is paired with a steel or plastic ring that bolts it to the restroom floor. The flange is then sealed to the drain of your bathroom to stop the leakage with a wax ring.

    Toilet flanges need to be three or 4 inches in diameter, relying on the dimension of the drainpipe. The flange ought to match the pipe both by means of sliding over it or by becoming a snug interior of it. The size of the pipe must be adjusted in accordance with the thickness of your ground finishing. Using a flange with the incorrect measurement diameter or unsuitable peak can create troubles with the setup process, or reason leaks with usage.

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    Common Issues with Toilet Flanges

    There are numerous matters that should lead to a problem with your lavatory flange. For example, it can also ruin or crack. This is extra frequent if your loo is unfastened and rocks returned and forth. Eventually, this strain and stress can cause full destruction that will want loo flange replacement.

    Also, in some instances, your flange can also corrode, rust, or deteriorate. Depending on the kind of fabric your flange is made out of, it may, over time, begin to degrade. For example, aluminum flanges would possibly begin to corrode, solid iron may rust, and PVC may end up brittle over time. When this happens, you would possibly not your restroom appear free, or you would possibly get leaks or sewer odors.

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    Replaced Your Toilet Flange?

    One of the most frequent motives we see troubles with the bathroom flange is the fact householders have recently changed their loo flooring. Now, we're not announcing you must in no way put new flooring in your bathroom, but we endorse calling your Houston plumber to test the flange after the new ground is in place.

    Why may insert in new tile motive issues for the toilet flange? The difficulty is that the pinnacle of the flange is supposed to take a seat flush with the floor. Often, unique tile patterns will be one-of-a-kind thicknesses. This potential that the restroom flange may also want to be taller or shorter relying on the kind of ground you choose.

    Unfortunately, many flooring installers are unaware of this issue. Therefore, they regularly certainly get rid of the restroom and location it returned on besides realizing that it can cause damage. Those that do understand the problem regularly agree with them can restore it by using genuinely doubling up on wax seals or the use of a lavatory flange extender kit. However, neither of these options is desirable. Having two or greater wax seals on the restroom flange regularly capability that the seal isn't water-tight and doesn't supply a long-term answer to the problem. Also, whilst you can actually purchase loo flange extender kits, they usually match inner the contemporary flange, which can slender the opening to the waste pipe. This may also make your loo greater inclined to clog.

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    What Is the Cost of a New Toilet Flange?

    If you desire to substitute the flange yourself, the components will solely price at about $25 at any hardware store. If you have the gorgeous equipment and ample energy to raise the toilet, this should be a true DIY task for you. On the different hand, hiring a plumber to change the flange will make certain that the job is carried out proper by way of a licensed, skilled professional.

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